Useful Sources at the Library:

PolyCat: Search for books that are at the Kennedy Library

Interlibrary Loan: Search for and acquire books at a plethora of other libraries across the nation and internationally.

Article Databases: Search for articles: ***useful for senior projects***

Science Cafe`: This is a blog about the Science Cafe the library puts on once a month. It is a forum for community members who wish to discuss hot and sometimes controversial topics that stimulate the mind on “scientific ethics to discovery, from art to technology.”(blog:about me)

Digital Commons: Provides access to scholarly work through the internet.

Mustang Jobs: want to work at the library? See if there are any positions available at the library.
*note*: even if there isn’t a position open, submit your application anyway. The library staff is more likely to hire someone who previously submitted an application than a new applicant.

Pony Prints: In a jam and need something printed? Bring something on a flash drive to Pony Prints on the first floor of the library and they will print whatever you need for a small price. See link for prices and hours.

Personal Library Consultant: Make an appointment with a library consultant for your own personal benefit with research, projects, or your own needs within your college.


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