A Meaningful World

This is a book that I can not say I have personally read, but it comes with high recommendations. My boyfriend Eric who is a Civil Engineer at Cal Poly read this book a few years ago and uses it in conversation pieces all the time when people talk about the latest book they have read because a) he actually READ this book, not just audio booked it and b) it’s just that good.

A Meaningful World by Benjamin Wiker sparks interest in the unanswered questions of the universe…or really the one question we all feel the need to know: Is there meaning in this world?

The book journey’s through different sorts of evidence looking at the evolution theory, creation theory, and scenarios of what some see as random and others see as purpose.  An example would be this: It is possible for a monkey to sit down and write a sonnet by Shakespeare. It would be very random of him to do so, but it IS possible for his pen to move in certain ways writing down the words of Shakespeare…but it wouldn’t mean anything. They would be just scratches on the paper and the statistics of that happening are improbable…and close to impossible.

This book explores the divine and attempts to create a new perspective of the world we live in. Don’t read this book expecting to have your every question answered but  read this book if you’re looking for some meaning in your life.

If this book interests you, you can pick up a book at any bookstore and you can also acquire it through Link + by using your Cal Poly I.D.!


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