“The Help”

There is really no time like summer to grab a book and glue your eyes to it til you are done.

And yes, when i say a book, i MEAN a BOOK. Not a Kindle, or a Nook, or an Audio Book. Don’t get me wrong; those are all great options for The Commuter, The Regular Traveller and Engineers (because then they can “read” or listen to the book while they do they’re crazy smart math/science business). But for those of us that do  have time on our hands this summer, or want to make time and SLO it down, a book is the best tool to do so.

You can physically see how far you are til the end and there’s that smell, whether it be an old or a new book, that reminds us of a simpler time. Don’t get me wrong, I am in almost every way “pro-technology”. But reading a physical book lets me pretend i don’t need the internet or cell phones or email or any of that.

Each week i’ll try to post a new book i have read or another college student has read with a short review of it to say if it’s “read-worthy” or not.

Any of these books can be found at the Library and if they don’t have it, order it through Link+!

 The Help

Based in the Jackson, Mississippi during the early 1960’s, a 23-year-old girl right out of college with dreams of becoming a journalist/publisher finds herself in the middle of a controversial project with the local black maids who work for her friends. The story is told through three different perspectives: The girl’s, and two of the black maids. The women have to keep their project a secret and they do so terrifyingly and comicly as well. This book is full of secrets and twists and kept me reading every bit of my spare time. Iseriously could not put it down. It did a GREAT job of portraying the trials and triumphs for blacks and black women during the heighth of the civil rights movement.

**it’s also becoming a movie directed by Steven Spielberg. Yes, it was that good.


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