Studying at the Library: the legal way

At least once a week I go to work and pass by another UPD (University Police Department) worker clamping on one of their super-industrial size bike locks onto someone’s bike that locked it to a pole, handrail and even a tree.

Although the fee for impounding a bike is only $10.00, it’s not really worth the inconvenience to relinquish 50 more steps, or a 5 second bike ride to find bike parking on the south side of the library, where there is always at least one spot for your bike.

Yes, bike parking can be a problem during dead week and finals week and that might be something the library should look at in the future. For now, just take the extra 50 feet to find a parking spot and not have to pay to study at the Library.

Since the Library seems to be a hot spot for tickets, here are some other facts given by the Mustang Daily on other fees for bike violations.

if you can’t read the text in the picture, it says:

Stop sign: $146.00
Failure to obey traffic direction: $146.00
Evading of Police: $2,000.00
Riding on sidewalk: $32.00
Headphones: $126.00
No headlights: $108.00
Impound: $10.00
Seize: $20.00

Now, the purpose of the next point in legality is not to insult your intelligence, but to simply remind you of something that I’m sure you already know. This point is for those who don’t know that Resnet can see you anywhere.

It’s easy to procrastinate while you’re at the library. If you’re anything like me, you like to check out the Best of Youtube, or spend an unhealthy amount of time on MLIA, or maybe check out what new music is out there. For the music people…please i repeat please, DO NOT DOWNLOAD MUSIC from limewire while at the library. Resnet can and will see that you are downloading and they will restrict your use of internet on Cal Poly’s campus by restricting your username/password when signing on to Cisco. There is a chance you haven’t been caught yet, so let this be your warning…You are at risk. For the record, I could care less what you do at home with limewire.

Again, I do not mean to insult anyone’s intelligence, I just care for your well-being and you being able to use the library as effectively as possible!


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  1. Leonard

    Since when does Jordan Hooper apologize for what she’s written? If people are too stupid to be grateful for the heads up, they deserve to have their accounts suspended and their bikes locked up.

    Look what Israel has done to me….

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