What are on the walls of the Library?

We all wonder what is on the wall of the library when we walk in the circulation desk. And we all don’t have the time to find it out. This post is being dedicated to finding out what is on the walls of the Kennedy Library and why the things that are there, are there.

The walls of the library say a lot about “the other side” of Cal Poly. As a polytechnic university, there isn’t much talk about the art department. However, at the Kennedy Library there are numerous amounts of art features such as paintings and sculptures that you may or may not notice. Maybe you notice that the masterpiece is there, but have no idea why or what it is.
You are bombarded with a giant sculpture when you first come into the lobby area on the first floor of the library called “Popcorn Fantasy”. This sculpture was made by Bonne Scott and Crissa Hewitt who were Art professors at Cal Poly and is made out of Copper, Oak, Enamel and Stoneware. The sculpture is made to look like giant popcorn kernels; hence the name.

On the second floor by Julian’s there are two signs donated to the library by George Hasslein. The signs were once a part of the old campus powerhouse. When the school of Architecture and Environmental design took over the building, the machinery was disposed of to make use of office space for the departments. The signs were donated in order to represent some of Cal Poly’s historical background.

If you’re ever on the 5th floor you are sure to notice the “Wally Mark Herbarium” on the south side of the library. You know, all those pressed and dried plants? Those are all apart of Dr. Walter Mark’s (a former Associate Dean at Cal Poly) Herbarium. Dr. Mark’s main interests include Forest Entomology and Pathology, Forest Protection, Integrated Pest Management. He received his degree in Forest Management and his Master’s in Forest science at Utah State University before becoming the associate dean (1992-1996). Some of his other professional involvement includes:

  • Certified Forester, Society of American Foresters
  • Co-Chair, Monitoring Committee, California Oak Mortality Task Force, 2001-Present.
  • Member, Board of Directors, Save-the-Redwoods League, 2001-Present
  • Member, Executive Committee, California Oak Mortality Task Force, 2001-Present.
  • Member, Pitch Canker Task Force, 1998-Present.
  • Member, Research Committee, California Oak Mortality Task Force, 2000-Present.
  • Registered Professional Forester, California, RPF #1250

    Make sure to check out the collection of flora next time you’re up on the fifth floor.

This piece of work is self explanatory. You can find this lively sculpture of Albert Einstein by Thuy Rauhut in the 2nd floor lounge of the library.


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