All for Technology and Technology for All!

The Adaptive Technology Center: located on the 2nd floor


Disability Resource Center (DRC) teams up with the Kennedy library to provide services for those who can not access the technology they need.  

There is technology available for everyone and just because people have different abilities, that doesn’t mean they should have different and limited access to the technological tools the library offers.    

Meet “Joe”. “Joe” played basketball since he was 5 and just received a scholarship to play in college. “Joe” was the star of the basketball team at his school. One day the team had practice and “Joe” fell and cracked his pelvis. This put “Joe” in a wheelchair.    

Meet “Cindy”. “Cindy” was born blind. All her life “Cindy” had to go to special libraries to get the books she really needed and wanted so that she could read books that everyone else was; only in braille. In college, it wasn’t that easy to request articles, journals, and other various research documents to be printed in braille.     

These are two very different scenarios that both require special assistance. Both “Joe” and “Cindy” can readily use the Adaptive Technology Center located on the second floor of the Library in rooms H & J.    

The Adaptive Technology Center provides students with the technology they need to regulate their research and study habits. Some of the various technology that is found readily available are:    

  • Voice activated computer system (Dragon Dictate)
  • Screenreading program (Jaws)
  • Screen enlarging program (Zoom Text)
  • Closed circuit T.V. (print enlarger)
  • Kurzweil 1000 & 3000 (reading technology)
  • A Self-Serve Station, including a printer, scanner and computer with the following software: Abby(character recognition), Text Aloud (text to audio conversion) and Roxio (burns audio to disc in wav or mp3 formats).

 These different programs turn the hassle of researching into something easy as 1, 2, 3 for students with different abilities. Now “Cindy” doesn’t have to worry if the article she ordered is in Braille; she can convert it to audio and listen to it! And “Joe” doesn’t have to get someone to help him with the printer while he is in his wheelchair because of the self-help station ready for DRC students.    

Things you will NEED in order to use the Adaptive Technology Center are:    

  • Verification of your disability with the DRC office.
  • Meeting with a DRC Access Specialist, who will then authorize use of the Adaptive Technology Center.
  • Make an appointment for a training orientation. To schedule an appointment, call the Alternative Media Center at 756-5796, or email:
  • At this meeting, AMC staff will review the Adaptive Technology Center Process and Responsibilities.
  • Even if you are not a DRC student, it’s good to know options in case something happens to you or your friends. The Library is making it’s resources available to everyone and anyone that craves knowledge.    

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions!


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