The Science Cafe brews up an ‘Ethical’ discussion

A successful program called “Science Cafe” at the Kennedy Library is something you might want to check out if science is “your thing”. Since January 2009, an open forum on a broad number of topics relating to science is held once a month at the library. The forum is designed to get people talking about how they feel on the topic and also allow them to learn and discover things they may have never thought of.

This next month’s topic is called “Ethics of Human Enhancement”. It will be held May 12th on the 2nd floor of the library. The discussion leader will be Dr. Patrick Lin, Philosophy Professor and Director of Cal Poly’s Ethics and Emerging Sciences Group.

The hot topic will talk about all the different technology that has just recently come out and has been evolving since the dawn of science fiction predicting super enhanced humans. The topic will question whether these enhancements that are coming with technology, more specifically enhancing our own physical bodies (i.e. “Neuroscience is helping to create soldiers that don’t need to eat or sleep”, see Freshly Brewed Science Blog) is fair and when it crosses the line of unethical…or is it practical?

Discussions like these are what shape our view on society and really get us as intellectual people to consider ethics in whatever line of work we’re in. Whether you are a scientist trying to find a cure for cancer, a lawyer defending a guilty client, or a journalist writing a hot article, ethics are relevant and it’s important to know where we stand on certain issues.

This last month’s forum was on “The Science and Art of Taking a Risk”. At the discussion, led by Dr. Eduardo Zambrano, Professor of Economics, they talked about how our society took a risk when we experienced the crash of the economy two years ago.

The discussion began with the issue of the economy and then turned to other subjects such as individual and societal risks and how to handle and measure them in a scientific manner.

To see archived topics from the science cafe, click here!

If this interests you, check out the science cafe on Wednesday May 12th 4:30-5:30


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