The Paper Garment Exhibition

   Paper has many uses and one of the most unusual ways I’ve seen it used lately is in the new exhibit in the Library called “The Paper Garment Exhibition”.

The exhibition displays the work of students from the Cal Poly chapter of American Institute of Graphic Artist (AIGA). AIGA is a graphic design club that tries to organize events that relate to graphic design. And in this case, paper fashion.

The chapter asked for student entries and eventually received submissions from students in departments other than just Art and Design. The inspiration for the idea came from a group meeting when students were working on a poster for a famous graphic designer by making letters out of paper. Students joked about the idea of making clothes out of paper and the idea then spun into a reality.

The Exhibition will be up for 1-2 weeks and is located on the first floor underneath the main stairwell. If you see any garments you really like, feel free to contact the designer and maybe negotiate a price. Some of their designs are cute enough to be sold on Etsy!

The reason I’m including this in my blog is to get us as students to see the many opportunities we have at the library. Where else do students frequent on a weekly, if not daily basis? The library is the perfect place to create an outlet for our talent.

Graphic design student and contributor to the Paper Garment Exhibition, Dante Iniguez said, “The library should be about ideas and creativity”. How true is that? Creativity and ideas are what make us learn best. If we don’t utilize the library as a place to learn by doing (as in put on a Paper Garment Exhibition) we aren’t doing a very good job of following Cal Poly’s motto.

If you would like more information on the items displayed, please feel free to email me your questions/concerns.

A few of my favorite garments from the exhibition are the Trader Joe’s headband by Maleesa Suksiri, the “Paper Dress” by Dante Iniguez, and “Sakura Clutch Purse” by Brad Matsushita. I was surprised to see some men designers…they obviously know what women want!

What are your favorite items? Feel free to leave comments on what you liked/disliked. Is this a useful space of the library? How can the exhibit be made better? Let me know your thoughts!

Above is a picture slide show of a good amount of the garments on display. Feel free to use the arrows at the top of the slide show to navigate yourself to the picture of your choice. The captions give (correspondingly) the name of the item, artist, and materials it was made of.


If you are having trouble viewing the slide show, click this link!

The location of the exhibition with only a few items hung up


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