When you’re in a rush: Course Reserves, Check outs, and Copiers

You may have had one of those days when you forgot to print that paper, forgot your text-book, or lost the keys to your car.
I can’t help you with the lost keys, but I can give you a few helpful hints on how to recover from the lack of essay or missing text-book!

Remember the 3 C’s: Course Reserves, Check outs, and Copiers

1. Course Reserves

You may hear your teacher say at the beginning of a quarter that they are “putting the book on reserve for you”. You look around the room thinking, Does anyone else know what that means or am i just being a stupid freshman?
No, you’re not being a stupid freshman and even if you’re not a freshman don’t feel ignorant that you don’t know what a “Course Reserve” is. Course Reserves are text books that professors order and then give to the library for your use! Say you have to do 10 problems out of the huge calculus book you have for your class. Instead of lugging it to the library, check and see if it’s “on reserve” at the front circulation desk. All you have to do is go up and as the front desk assistant if the book “blah blah blah” is on reserve for the class MATH 141. They go to the bookshelf behind them and check. There are usually multiple copies so it’s not hard to acquire. Also, check the Course Reserve website to see if they have the book you need. You don’t even need to leave you desk!

You can only check out the book for a few hours though. This feature is great if you have a 2 or 3 hour break in the middle of the day and need to do homework.

2. Check outs:

Another tip when it comes to using the library’s books for classes is to check if the library has the book you need before you buy your books for next quarter. I have done this a number of times and have saved a lot of money by checking books out opposed to buying them. And remember, you can always find them at Link+.

3. Copiers:

Pony Prints is the one shop stop for all your printing needs. If you bring them a flash drive with your document on it, the will print it for a very small price. All you’ll need is change most likely, depending on the size of the document. They are located on the first floor of the library.

Here is a sheet telling the prices for what you need to print. Click image for a larger view. (sorry for the glare)

There are also a number of copiers around the library so if you need to get someone’s notes because of a missed class or need to make copies of a project for a group, bring your change, ones and five dollar bills (that’s what the copy machines accept) to the library!

Here is a list of the quantity and whereabouts of the copiers:

  • Study Room: four machines
  • Reference Room: one machine
  • Second Floor: one machine (near elevators)
  • Third Floor: one machine (near elevators)

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