Wasting Time and Face(book)

On days where I roam the stacks in search for requested books, I see a number of people on their laptops, cell phones, and provided desktop computers.
You would think with the ongoing complaint of not having enough time in the day, students would be hard at work researching topics like genetic trends, fault banking, and the nephelometric turbidity unit.

But no.  The only researching I see while walking around the library is people checking how many people befriended them that day, or how many comments they had since they last checked it.

But does this actually hurt us as students? TIME magazine published an article last year on the relation of grades and Facebook and found that the American Education Research Association conducted research showing that

UNDERGRAD Facebook USERS had the GPA range from 3.0-3.5
and NON USERS had the GPA range of 3.5-4.0.

The American Education Research Association also found that 79% of users didn’t think their social networking had correlation with their grades.
Although the data is controversial and students that use social networking protest that it has nothing to do with their academics, it seems like it really would in the long run due to the research done.

I will use myself as an example.

Let’s say I set aside three hours a day to study in the library (yes, this is an exaggeration for my life, but just go with it) and i do that five days a week. Three hours a day for five days is 15 hours. Then I will multiply those 15 hours by 10 because there are 10 weeks in a quarter. That’s a total of 150 solid hours of studying.

Let’s also say I waste 30 minutes out of the 3 hours on Facebook.  The total hours of studying is cut from 150 hours to 125 hours! That’s more than an entire day of lost studying/work.

I have actually quit Facebook cold turkey before and it wasn’t good. First of all I didn’t tell people I was “quitting”. So people thought I was being rude when I didn’t reply to messages, invitations, and wall posts. Secondly I wasn’t aware what was going on. That’s when I realized how much I used Facebook as a tool and not just something to “play” on.

 So how can we kick this habit we have of procrastinating with Facebook without quitting cold turkey?

Here are some tips:
-Take a friend to the library with you. Accountability is the best thing. Unless you’re both addicted… then find someone else.

-Turn off your wireless if you really don’t need to use the internet. Yes…you have the power!

-Reward yourself after having accomplished something besides allowing yourself on Facebook. Maybe your goal was to write another page of an essay or to finish another chapter before you took a break. Let that break be a snack or a phone call. Don’t let yourself get sucked into those status updates!

-You can also check out the Libraries 5 minute break with cool YouTube videos if you need a break.

*note* if you are planning on using the poly connect lab to procrastinate anytime soon, don’t. Half of the computers are closed due to the installation of air conditioning in there so there won’t be too many computers open. But the upside is the nice cool air we will have once they reopen it!


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