An Art Scene in the Library? No way.

Yes way.

Every Fall and Spring Quarter the library hosts its own art gallery featuring Cal Poly students and faculty works of art and architecture. This quarter’s exhibit is called “reKINETIC” and it’s taking recycled particles and making use of them  for creative innovations that benefit people in the community with earthly elements (i.e. wind, water), human mechanisms (i.e. skateboarding), and other forces. 
                This display is for students and staff at Cal Poly, as well as the community. It is very interactive because of the crowd that it is trying to draw. Children from local schools will be visiting and seeing what the students have created and will be able to touch and play with some of the creations.

The exhibit will be displayed on the 2nd floor Learning Commons of the Kennedy Library from Thursday April 15- Sunday June 6, 2010. The exhibit is sponsored by the Cal Poly Architecture Department

A demonstration will be held on April 15th at 3pm of all the creations at the 2nd floor learning commons! DON’T MISS IT! 

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the projects: 

The Wind Wall: Designed by Jessie Blote, Edgar Camarillo, Ben Hait-Campbell, Anthony Fossi, and with assistance from Steve Temple ( all third year architecture students), the Wind Wall is made purely of string and cut paper coffee cups.The structure is designed to generate natural energy. Three small desk fans at the top of the display start a breeze, and the coffee cups make it stronger.

The Skate Wheel: 

Become a hamster with this cutting-edge  skateboard composition, which was designed by sophomore Alexander Silva. The skateboard wheel is made up of 9 skateboards fused together at the ends to create a giant wheel of skateboards. Each board is hand painted by the artists and can be ridden either as a skateboard, or a giant hamster wheel. It’s up to you!



“Once the World was Flat”:  This sculpture by James Priest, an instructor at Cal Poly, depicts the relationship between human interaction and kinetic nature. Using found items, recycled material, architectural models and other miscellaneous fixtures, Priest presents a commentary on the commune between man and nature with his complex and kinetic sound structure.

Previous galleries held at the library include: 

To see what was held in these galleries, click the corresponding links. 


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