Top 10 Treasures in the Library

This is a countdown of the Top 10 things in the library that you may or may not know about. I encourage you to take advantage of these “resources” (some academic, some for your own personal wellness) in the library and submit some things that are on YOUR Top 10 list!

Wireless Internet: The library provides a complete wireless internet network for your convenience. You can be on any floor of the library and receive internet even if you aren’t at a desk. This especially is deemed useful during finals week when the computer labs are full and so are desks. Just take your laptop to one of the stacks and start surfing the net!

New Book Shelf: Located on the first floor in the back of the library  by the computer lab and current periodicals is a bookshelf stocked with books that have either been recently published or recently added to the collection of the library. This section is useful to find up-to-date books and more modern and attention grabbing books for either your own personal enjoyment or for research in a class.

the comfy children's matThe Children’s Mat: Catch a 20 minute nap on this comfy mat! It’s supposed to be for children who visit Cal Poly, but we all need a little break sometimes. And what’s better than a soft place to lay? Find it on the 2nd floor.

Checking out Laptops: In the PolyConnect Lab you can check out laptops for free with your PolyCard for 2 hours. You can check them out for longer by just going down after 2 hours and renewing it. Great for if you don’t have a laptop, or your laptop is too heavy to bring to school!

Newspapers: There is a wide selection of newspapers from across California and the United States on the second floor by Julians. Check for your hometown paper! They will most likely have it.

Reserving “Fish Bowls”: Fishbowls, or more appropriately called Collaboration Rooms, are the large plastic study rooms on the
2nd floor. They are easy to reserve online 24 hours before you need it online through the library’s website. Reserve one here

Children’s Bookshelves: Need a break from your Calculus textbook? Go to the children’s bookshelf on the second floor right off the stairwell to take yourself back to a “simpler time”.

Julian’s Cinnamon Croissants and Hot Chocolate: There are no words to describe this goodness. Perfect for any occasion. See for yourself.

The Atrium: On a nice day, the center of the library is the place to be. Furnished with outdoor tables and chairs the atrium gives a natural aesthetic sense to anyone who chooses to study there.

Judy Drake: Head of Access and Interlibrary Services, Judy is the go-to woman when needing help with finding a book, knowing who can help you in what department, and really using the library to its full potential. Get to know your library staff!


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  1. AWESOME! I feel as though if I went into the library, I could definitely find what I would need! Felt like it was kind of a mini tour of the library! Thanks!

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