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I will be honest…since i am no longer *required* to keep this blog up (since i was doing it for a class last quarter), i have had a hard time being motivated to do it. But, as a student and member of the Student Library Assistant Council (SLAC), I am “taking the plunge”, if you will, into a beautiful marriage with this library blog. 

SOMETHING TO CHECK OUT! If you have NOT been to the Kennedy Library website you must go RIGHT NOW. They have added a tabbing system to the navigation page that makes getting around the site ten times easier. You might even want to add the page to you favorites bar…that’s how impressive it is.

This is a big year for the library. The leadership at the library is implementing changes and plans made last year for this year. For example, you will soon be able to see if there are computers available in the Polyconnect Lab through LCD screens and possibly even the internet (Library people, correct me if I am wrong). That is going to be extremely helpful. I don’t know about you, but i’m one of those people wandering around the computer lab looking over shoulders to see if people are wrapping their stuff up and i usually get swooped. I guess that’s just another reason to check out a laptop!



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A Meaningful World

This is a book that I can not say I have personally read, but it comes with high recommendations. My boyfriend Eric who is a Civil Engineer at Cal Poly read this book a few years ago and uses it in conversation pieces all the time when people talk about the latest book they have read because a) he actually READ this book, not just audio booked it and b) it’s just that good.

A Meaningful World by Benjamin Wiker sparks interest in the unanswered questions of the universe…or really the one question we all feel the need to know: Is there meaning in this world?

The book journey’s through different sorts of evidence looking at the evolution theory, creation theory, and scenarios of what some see as random and others see as purpose.  An example would be this: It is possible for a monkey to sit down and write a sonnet by Shakespeare. It would be very random of him to do so, but it IS possible for his pen to move in certain ways writing down the words of Shakespeare…but it wouldn’t mean anything. They would be just scratches on the paper and the statistics of that happening are improbable…and close to impossible.

This book explores the divine and attempts to create a new perspective of the world we live in. Don’t read this book expecting to have your every question answered but  read this book if you’re looking for some meaning in your life.

If this book interests you, you can pick up a book at any bookstore and you can also acquire it through Link + by using your Cal Poly I.D.!

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“The Help”

There is really no time like summer to grab a book and glue your eyes to it til you are done.

And yes, when i say a book, i MEAN a BOOK. Not a Kindle, or a Nook, or an Audio Book. Don’t get me wrong; those are all great options for The Commuter, The Regular Traveller and Engineers (because then they can “read” or listen to the book while they do they’re crazy smart math/science business). But for those of us that do  have time on our hands this summer, or want to make time and SLO it down, a book is the best tool to do so.

You can physically see how far you are til the end and there’s that smell, whether it be an old or a new book, that reminds us of a simpler time. Don’t get me wrong, I am in almost every way “pro-technology”. But reading a physical book lets me pretend i don’t need the internet or cell phones or email or any of that.

Each week i’ll try to post a new book i have read or another college student has read with a short review of it to say if it’s “read-worthy” or not.

Any of these books can be found at the Library and if they don’t have it, order it through Link+!

 The Help

Based in the Jackson, Mississippi during the early 1960’s, a 23-year-old girl right out of college with dreams of becoming a journalist/publisher finds herself in the middle of a controversial project with the local black maids who work for her friends. The story is told through three different perspectives: The girl’s, and two of the black maids. The women have to keep their project a secret and they do so terrifyingly and comicly as well. This book is full of secrets and twists and kept me reading every bit of my spare time. Iseriously could not put it down. It did a GREAT job of portraying the trials and triumphs for blacks and black women during the heighth of the civil rights movement.

**it’s also becoming a movie directed by Steven Spielberg. Yes, it was that good.

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Link+ video

This video gives a glance at what happens behind the scenes in Interlibrary services. Enjoy!

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Studying at the Library: the legal way

At least once a week I go to work and pass by another UPD (University Police Department) worker clamping on one of their super-industrial size bike locks onto someone’s bike that locked it to a pole, handrail and even a tree.

Although the fee for impounding a bike is only $10.00, it’s not really worth the inconvenience to relinquish 50 more steps, or a 5 second bike ride to find bike parking on the south side of the library, where there is always at least one spot for your bike.

Yes, bike parking can be a problem during dead week and finals week and that might be something the library should look at in the future. For now, just take the extra 50 feet to find a parking spot and not have to pay to study at the Library.

Since the Library seems to be a hot spot for tickets, here are some other facts given by the Mustang Daily on other fees for bike violations.

if you can’t read the text in the picture, it says:

Stop sign: $146.00
Failure to obey traffic direction: $146.00
Evading of Police: $2,000.00
Riding on sidewalk: $32.00
Headphones: $126.00
No headlights: $108.00
Impound: $10.00
Seize: $20.00

Now, the purpose of the next point in legality is not to insult your intelligence, but to simply remind you of something that I’m sure you already know. This point is for those who don’t know that Resnet can see you anywhere.

It’s easy to procrastinate while you’re at the library. If you’re anything like me, you like to check out the Best of Youtube, or spend an unhealthy amount of time on MLIA, or maybe check out what new music is out there. For the music people…please i repeat please, DO NOT DOWNLOAD MUSIC from limewire while at the library. Resnet can and will see that you are downloading and they will restrict your use of internet on Cal Poly’s campus by restricting your username/password when signing on to Cisco. There is a chance you haven’t been caught yet, so let this be your warning…You are at risk. For the record, I could care less what you do at home with limewire.

Again, I do not mean to insult anyone’s intelligence, I just care for your well-being and you being able to use the library as effectively as possible!

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Special Collections Video

This video is on a VERY small part of Special Collections on the 4th floor of the library. I encourage you to check out what they have to offer! Enjoy.

Here are some helpful links to learn more about Special Collections:

Special Collections website

About SC

Services and Policies

You can find more links on the website. SC hours end at 4pm every day during the week.

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Stress relieving tips to enhance your studying!

Yes, dead week is sneaking up on us here at Cal Poly and it is nothing to underestimate. Just because it is called “dead week” doesn’t mean that the week is “dead”. So prepare for dead week (yes, I’m saying prepare for preparation week before finals) with these quick and easy stress relieving solutions (along with some really cute pictures of cats)!

photo credit: blogger, click pic for location

Nap: Take a nap, but don’t nap longer than 20-30 minutes. Experts say that sleeping past the 30-minute mark can cause “sleep drunkenness”. To read more about the art of napping, see Newsweek’s article on Seven Secrets to a Great Nap.

photo credit: wordpress (click for original location)

Exercise: Don’t overdo it, but jogging, running, lifting, yoga, Pilates, and many other forms of working out can relieve the stress that you have. Exerting energy on something other than your studies can give your mind the break that it needs. In a sense, it’s a lot like recharging your brain batteries! See what the Mayo Clinic recommends.

photo credit: blogspot, click pic for location

Eat healthy: Nothing makes you feel worse than 3 bowls of ice cream, blue-box Mac ‘n cheese, and a 6-pack of Cokes. Sure, you feel good while you’re in taking all the sugar and you’re bouncing off the walls, but in the long run you feel worse and more stressed. It’s proven that keeping a healthy diet but substituting those candies for carrots and that Twinkie for a tomato is one of the best things you can do to increase your chances of an ‘A’.

photo credit: photobucket, click pic for location

Meditative breathing: The other day I was anxious and so I opened up one of those Dove chocolates wrapped in tin foil (yes, after I just preached about eating healthy… I know.) and it had writing in it just like a fortune cookie. The wrapper said “Just take 5 deep breaths.” So I did. It was then that I realized that I couldn’t. I was so used to holding my breath in anticipation for…I don’t even know what that I forgot to breathe.

So take time out of your day to breathe. I guarantee you will feel exponentially more in control of not just your body, but your anxiety.

My cat "Bear". His furry little face makes all my stress go away!

Kitty Cats: Ok, so I can’t prove that cats can keep us students relieved of stress, but come take part in seeing if it DOES help! The Kennedy Library’s Atrium will be hosting soft furry bundles of joy (aka: cats) for the day during dead week next week…keep reading for more details, or check out the Kennedy Library’s Facebook for details to come!

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